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Hulu is top-notch online video streaming service proffers users to watch movies and an exclusive TV shows anytime if anyone missed the shows. Navigate the site to start activating the Hulu channel and enjoy the programs telecast on the channel. It basically allows the users to stream popular TV shows in the US and Japan. It offers monthly subscription to customize your viewing experience. For accessing this application, a high speed of internet connection is must require. Recently Hulu has added the facility to watch the content offline instead of using an internet. Viewers can download approx. 25 titles across 5 different devices and will have up to 30 days to watch their downloaded content. You can subscribe this Hulu channel at reasonable cost and smoothly begin streaming the top and interesting TV programs.

How Can I Activate Hulu On Computer? Access The Link

Hulu is one of the most popular, on-demand services, streams in US television movies and shows. For using this unit, you need to link your device to your Hulu account and then enter the activation code for activation. But before you connect the computer to your Hulu account, make sure the following:

  1. Your operating system is connected to an active great speed internet connection
  2. Ensure that your product supports Hulu service

Now, to start using Hulu activate, visit and then enter the activation code into the required field to freely activate your Hulu subscription. Hulu activation code consists of 6-characters alphanumeric keys. Go through the below instructions to complete the Hulu activation process with an ease:

  1. Select Hulu application on your TV and then choose the login option
  2. On the TV screen, you will get an option to Activate Hulu from your computer. So, tap “Activate” on a computer to get your unique Device Activation Code. You will receive a 6-digit of alphanumeric activation code on your TV Screen. Here is a sample code: AS56HF
  3. Now you have valid activation code for your device, go to on your computer device. You may be asked to login to hulu account
  4. Click on "Manage Your Devices" or "Activate your device" button
  5. Activate your device now
  6. To activate your hulu device. Enter hulu activation code and click "Activate"
  7. After entering that activation code, wait for a couple of seconds as within 25-30 Seconds, your device will get activated in hulu account and your subscription will be activated
  8. Afterwards manage your Devices
  9. To manage your hulu device, you have to click on "Manage your devices" option
  10. You can deactivate every device which is connected. Tap on remove icon for which the device you want to remove
  11. You will be then logged out of all gadgets that you have ejected from your Account page
  12. You will be prompted your device is activated

Note: Mobile devices, as well as some TV-connected devices, do not have an activation code. So, in that case, you can activate the Hulu application by simply signing in with your email and password.

Required Steps to Setting up Hulu Activate

If you are successfully done with Hulu Activate process, now you need to setup the Hulu account on your computer. Here is the effective ways to do so, hence give a look at once:

  1. Open the web browser on your computer system and type and the hit “Enter” to launch the page
  2. If you are accessing the Hulu account very first time, you may even choose "try Hulu for free". With this option you can use Hulu activate account free for one week only.
  3. Now, once you get satisfied with this providing service, you will be redirected to the form page. So, fill-up the personal details properly
  4. Hulu signup and hit to “Continue” button
  5. Enter the card credentials to use Hulu Activate after completing the free trial period
  6. Confirm the registration code and done. User's Hulu Account is ready to access all the channels
  7. Now, you only need to sign in account by providing the valid login credentials such as email id and password

Great! You are now able to use Hulu frequently. It offers unlimited streaming videos of latest and classic TV shows and super hit movies. You will love to watch them one by one.

To Start Watching Hulu’s Streaming Library or Live TV, All You Required Is:

High speed of internet connection
A Supported device
Generic placeholder image
A Hulu subscription from

Hulu proffers various subscription plans, ranging as low as $7.99 for full access to its streaming content, or $39.99 for Hulu with Live TV. New subscribers can choose anyone of the plan that works best for them and also can start their free trial today.

Avail Hulu Customer Support for Assistance

If you are experiencing difficulties in your Hulu Activation Code, then you are at the right place. We will give you a complete guidance of setting up your Hulu Device on your computer without any hassle. Call at our toll-free number to get an instant aid and reliable support. We are highly experienced and well trained Hulu Support. Our Hulu support technical team provide world-class remedies to the problems related to Hulu sign in problems, Hulu com activate error, Hulu com/activate help, Hulu com activate not working, Hulu not working on Roku, Hulu not working on wifi and many more. You can also ask frequently for help for any kind of major to minor Hulu issues from our expert team via dialing the provided helpline number.

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